Best Ways To Keep Your Dog Lean & Healthy! May 14 2020, 0 Comments

We all want our dogs to live a long happy, healthy life. Perhaps the easiest way to keep our best friends around for a long time is keeping them fit and lean. Just like with people, dogs that are overweight can face a variety of health issues that can lead to a shortened life-span. Side effects of obesity in dogs include arthritis, diabetes, organ damage/failure, tumors, and even chronic skin conditions. Keep reading to learn the best ways to keep your dog healthy and lean!

Daily walks or hikes

The easiest way to keep your dog fit, which is not only incredibly beneficial for him, but it is also a great way to keep yourself healthy! Daily walks are a great form of physical fitness for you both. Getting out of your normal environment and into fresh air is also extremely beneficial for you and your dogs mental and emotional well-being. Make sure you are taking time to get out and enjoy the sunshine together!

Independent or Interactive Play

Rainy Days require us to think outside the box. Sometimes you just have to move the furniture and open up a space inside for your dogs to get crazy! Whether they are romping around independently with their favorite toy, or you are engaging them in an active game of fetch, the idea is to make sure that they are getting some much needed exercise.

Don’t overfeed

Diet and Nutrition are key to keeping your dog lean. It is important to know that not all foods are created equal. Some foods contain high amounts of sugars and dietary fillers. Many nutrient dense, good quality foods are high in calories and should be fed in smaller portions. Consult your veterinarian or independent pet store nutritionist for advice on what type of food and portion size is best for your dog.

Avoid excessive treats

We love to spoil our pets, but too many snacks can lead to extra pounds that will make your dog unhealthy and uncomfortable. Keep treats small. Tiny training size treats or even pieces of kibble are a great low-calorie way to tell your pet you love them. Of course, you still can give your dog a special biscuit or calorically dense treat on occasion, but these should be fed sparingly.

Low Calorie Chews

If you're working at home for the day and you need to keep your dog busy, while also trying to keep him/her lean and fit, offer a low calorie, long lasting dog chew like Silver Gate Antlers. Chewing not only promotes good dental health, but it can promote beneficial muscle use in the chest and neck, which can help prevent arthritis later in life. Long lasting, low calorie Silver Gate Antlers are odor free and non-staining so you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is enjoying a clean, healthy chew while you work!

Consult your veterinarian

If you are already following the above tips and your dog is still overweight or low-energy, it is time to consult your veterinarian. Your doggy doctor can do a physical exam and order blood work to check for underlying conditions that can be inhibiting your dogs health. This may sound scary, but it is important to remember that diagnosis can lead to a treatment which can improve your dog's quality of life.

It’s no secret that our dogs help us live a more fulfilled life. Let's return the favor and do everything we can to keep them as fit, healthy and happy as possible!