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Getting Back to Nature August 22 2015, 0 Comments

Here at Silver Gate Antlers we launched our summer season by attending a variety of local fairs and farmer's markets. This gave us the opportunity to interact with our customers on a more personal level, as well as find out what some of the most frequently asked questions are when it comes to antler dog chews. Without a doubt the most commonly asked question we've heard from our customers is, "Do dogs really chew on these??".

Nowadays, walking into your local pet store or pet section at the supermarket can be overwhelming. The aisles are lined with a variety of rubber, nylon or plastic chew toys, all of which are brightly colored and have been molded into trendy shapes to attract the consumer. For those of us who want to give our four-legged friends a more healthy chew, we move on to the natural aisles. Here awaits another world of confusion. Rawhide, hooves, ears, snouts, bully sticks….the list goes on and on. Although many of these chews can be great for your dog, in the end it really depends on where they are made and how they are processed. And since most are served out of a bulk container with no packaging or tags, you can never be sure. Many of today's “all natural” chews come out of brazil and are preserved in formaldehyde prior to processing, let's repeat that, Formaldehyde! YUCK!!!

So to answer the aforementioned question, “Do dogs really chew on these?” The simple answer is YES, most dogs with a natural instinct to chew will indeed chew on a Silver Gate Antler. In fact, we make two different varieties to satisfy both the aggressive and the non-aggressive chewer alike.

Silver Gate Antlers Whole Antler Dog Chews
These chews are great for aggressive chewers. They are natural, unsplit pieces of antler cut into various lengths to accomodate all dog sizes.
Silver Gate Antlers Split Antler Dog Chews
These antlers are designed for fussy or less aggressive chewers. The antler has been split in half, therefore making it easier for your dog to get to the tasty marrow inside the bone.

And there you have it folks. Our chews are proudly Made AND Sourced in the USA with virtually no processing (other than cutting and sanding), and dogs love them! Treat your dog to a Silver Gate Antler today!

Silver Gate Antlers for Dental Health January 30 2014, 0 Comments

     With so many choices in your local pet stores now, what is the best option to help maintain your dog's oral health? While nothing replaces a toothbrush, there are many products that claim to aid in dental hygiene. From extra crunchy biscuits, glycerin based chews, bones and water additives, how do you choose?

     The most advertised form of Dental treats for Dogs today are good old-fashioned rawhide chews. People have been feeding rawhide to their dogs for ages, why change now? Well for starters rawhide is composed of the inner layer of the hide of a cow or horse (sounds appetizing already, doesn't it?). It is primarily a by-product of the leather industry, and by the time this by-product reaches a plant that processes it for the pet industry it is usually starting to rot. What do they do then? Bring on the chemicals! After cleaning and processing many brands of rawhide, in the end, contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals. If this doesn’t deter you from feeding your dog rawhide, don’t forget that it is poorly digested and can lead to stomach irritation and possibly even intestinal blockage which can require surgery. An awful price to pay for your pets pearly whites!

      So, now that you're informed on the dangers of rawhide treats and bones...What is the most natural, unprocessed, longest-lasting chew that helps maintain the oral health of your canine companion you ask? Silver Gate Antler Chews of course! Antlers are an annually growing bone extension of the skull in male deer and elk. During the growth process the Antlers are covered in velvet which delivers blood and nutrients to the growing bone. Because the Antlers are collected after they are shed, the deer and elk are not harmed in order to produce this all natural chew treat for your dog.

     At Silver Gate Antlers, we only use fresh "A Grade" Antler, which is collected shortly after it is shed. Dogs are more attracted to chew fresh Antler as opposed to older Antler that is chalky and cracked. Silver Gate Antlers are less likely to splinter like smoked or cooked bones, and are virtually non-staining and odor free. Because your dog is naturally attracted to chew Antler, it will help scrape excess plaque and tartar from his or her teeth. To top it off, Antlers contain healthy nutrients such as Calcium and Phosphorus.

      So, to sum it up, Silver Gate Antlers are 100% USA made and sourced. We offer both Deer and Elk Antler chews, and Elk Antler splits for those finicky dogs. They come in a variety of sizes from small to giant so you can choose the size that best accommodates your furry friend. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website at and get your pets dental health on the right track today!