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A Buyer's Guide to Antler Dog Chews: You Get What You Pay For, Right? Wrong. September 22 2013, 0 Comments

Are you tired of purchasing expensive Antler Dog Chews from the big chain retailers who are selling white, chalky, cracked antlers? Believe it or not, not all antler dog chews are made the same. Over the last year many crafters have jumped on the antler dog chew bandwagon, selling their leftover "scrap" antler as dog chews. Usually this is the antler that is no good to them for crafting, and no good as dog chews if you ask us! These pieces are often old, weathered white pieces that are cracked throughout. Chalky, cracked antler is also more likely to splinter, causing your dog harm. These "knockoff" chews are becoming the norm in places such as Petsmart, Petco, Target, Walmart, etc.

If you've tried giving your dog one of these antlers and they've turned up their nose at it you may be in for a surprise. Here at Silver Gate Antlers we use only fresh, grade A antler that your dog is bound to love! It's like going from a select grade steak to a prime grade steak. Why should your dog settle for the "scraps" when you could be giving him/her the best! Fresh antler has the most aroma and is the most attractive to dogs, as well as having a nice brown or cream color to it. This type of antler has the highest moisture content and is usually a little softer than an older, dried out antler. While it is true that the older antlers may last a bit longer, if your dog has no desire to chew on it then what good is it, after all, that is why you purchased it right?.. to give them something to chew on!

At Silver Gate Antlers we offer an extensive line of Deer and Elk Antler Chews in a variety of sizes, suitable for all breeds of dogs. The next time you're shopping for a quality all natural chew for your dog check out our selection and buy with confidence, your dog with thank you!